Eliminate computer viruses forever!
PAL Emergency Response

ATTENTION!!! New Virus Epidemic! I-Worm.Mydoom.a and GaoBot.DQ have now infected more than a million computers since they were first detected, causing losses of more than 38,500 million dollars.

Does your computer seem to be running slower than usual? If you've using the Internet over the past month, your computer may be infected with a computer Virus that your current Anti-virus software may have failed to detect and remove. 

Some of this computer viruses disable many Antivirus programs so that they remain undetected! PAL Emergency Response is an Anti-virus program that works separate from any other program on your PC and will remove all the latest computer threats.

  • Completely wipes out all the latest viruses from your PC

  • Automatic updates saves you time

  • Works together with most other antiviral programs for extra protection! 

  • Improves your system performance by removing previously undetected Viruses.

  • All versions of Windows supported  
      Award Winning Technology
As seen in magazines such as PC Format and Personal Computer World
 Regular Price $39.95
Only $19.99 Download Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Protects your computer automatically
Allows you to completely wipe viruses from your PC beyond recovery
Compatible with all other Virus program for added extra security!
Runs safely in background protecting you from viruses, worms, hackers and anyone invading your privacy
Updates itself automatically
Scanner finds out the latest virus threats
Disables any computer Worms and Hacking tools from entering your computer

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Your PC might appear clean... but it could still be full of 'Virus threats' that most antivirus programs fail to detect and it might very well be a Serious threat to your pricacy as many viruses now record everything you type on your PC and broadcast it to the internet. This may include credit card numbers, passwords and sensitive information. Most Anti-virus programs fail to detect all viruses and users need an independent virus scanner in order to detect all viruses in your PC.


 Regular Price $39.95
Only $19.99 Download Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Is PAL Emergency Response easy to use?
Just set and forget! Single click features cleans your PC immediately. Emergency Response runs conveniently in the background automatically removing the latest Virus threats.

PAL Emergency Response is Perfect for both Novice and Advanced Users.

Novice Users. Just set Emergency Response and forget it. Upon loading the program you simply check boxes for which the program will scan for added protection.

 Regular Price $39.95
Only $19.99 Download Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows™ 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
MB hard disk space
32 MB of memory

For Technical Support: support@palsol.net


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