Eliminate Pop-ups & Ads Forever!
PAL Popup Eliminator


  • Stops Annoying Pop-up Ads

  • Super easy to Use Interface

  • Speeds up Surfing by blocking ad downloads

  • Blocks Pop-under Ads 
      Award Winning Technology
 Regular Price $39.95
Only $19.99 Download Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Blocks all pop-up and pop-under ads
Customizable Blacklist Ad Database
Compatible with all ISP's!
Runs safely in background protecting you from ads and other annoyances
Speeds up surfing by avoiding ad downloads
Works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape!
Disables distracting animated GIF images

PAL Popup Eliminator
is a useful Internet application that suppresses all those annoying Internet pop-ups ads for good! Popup Eliminator is a smart popup killer for the Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla browsers. Its smart engine blocks only unwanted pop-up window ads, allowing useful ones to appear! If you are

Tired of pop-ups and pop-under ads
Tired of ad windows cluttering your screen

then Popup Eliminator is just what you've been looking for! Stop ALL annoying ad windows and make your surfing experience a positive one again!  


 Regular Price $39.95
Only $19.99 Download Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Is PAL Popup Eliminator easy to use?
Just set and forget! Single click features blocks ads immediately. Popup Eliminator run conveniently in the background automatically blocking unwanted ads and cookies for safe and private Internet browsing.

PAL Popup Eliminator is Perfect for both Novice and Advanced Users.

Novice Users. Just set Popup Eliminator and forget it. Upon loading the program you simply check boxes for which browser to add protection to.


 Regular Price $39.95
Only $19.99 Download Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows™ 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
2 MB hard disk space
32 MB of memory

For Technical Support: popupe@palsol.com

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