29 February 2010
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20 July 2010
PC Format Magazine features PAL's Security product line (KeyLog Pro, PC Spy and PC Tracker) as a World Exclusive (Full page!) on their July. August and September 2003 issues. Available at your favorite news stand now!

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12 July 2010
Personal Computer World Magazine features PAL Evidence Eliminator / eShredder on their July 2003 issue. "PAL Evidence Eliminator is a useful program designed to protect user's privacy, it's e-Shredding utility can completely obliterate specified files or whole folders from your hard disk making them unretrievable even using specialist tools!"

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PAL Solutions specializes in security, content filtering and privacy solutions; ranging from powerful PC monitoring to Privacy protection and Parental controls. Select a software title below to purchase!


Buy PAL Computer Surveillance System (USD $ 29.95)

Buy PAL PC Spy (USD $ 24.95)

Buy PAL KeyLog Pro (USD $ 19.95)

Buy PAL PC Tracker (USD $ 29.95)

Buy PAL Popup Eliminator (USD $ 19.95)

Buy PAL Evidence Eliminator (USD $ 29.95)

Buy PAL Spyware Remover (USD $ 29.95)

Buy PAL Emergency Response (USD $ 29.95)

Requirements for any of the above:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
2MB disk space
Pentium 90 MHZ or Higher Recommended


To Install any of the programs above:
1. Run the Setup program and follow the simple installation instructions.
2. If using Windows 95, 98 or ME. Please Reboot your PC.
3. Press (Shift+F12) to load the program.
4. Please read the instructions on how to operate the program here.

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