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29 February 2004
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20 July 2003
PC Format Magazine features PAL's Security product line (KeyLog Pro, PC Spy and PC Tracker) as a World Exclusive (Full page!) on their July. August and September 2003 issues. Available at your favorite news stand now!

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12 July 2003
Personal Computer World Magazine features PAL Evidence Eliminator / eShredder on their July 2003 issue. "PAL Evidence Eliminator is a useful program designed to protect user's privacy, it's e-Shredding utility can completely obliterate specified files or whole folders from your hard disk making them unretrievable even using specialist tools!"

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 Pop Up Killer

Purchase our pop up killer along with super-advanced popup eliminating features!

Welcome to the world of Pal Solutions, where you get the unique pop up killer software, Popup Eliminator, acting as the most effective standalone tool for removing and blocking distracting pop-up advertisements. Armed with a proven reputation for delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies, we, at Pal Solutions provide the best pop-up blocking technology for enriching your PC and gift you with optimum net browsing experience. While this revolutionary pop up killer is just perfectly created to work with the Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape browsers, it is also backed with a superb user-interface.

These days, with the increasing rate of intrusive pop-up commercials and Internet advertisements, how you wish you had a perfect popup killer, silently controlling the popup windows you do and do not see, so that you could enjoy your favorite sites without the distracting popup images and animations! Explore the one-stop site, Palsol.com, to get the perfectly customised pop up killer you were in need for long! With our super-advanced pop-up blocking technology, we have a complete database of blacklisted popup ads, so that you will come to know which ones are the annoying Internet popup ads that impede the productivity of your net browsing. The smart engine of our popup killer, "Popup Eliminator" blocks only unwanted pop-up window ads, allowing useful ones to appear. The superb features/functionality of the Popup Eliminator of Pal Solutions allows you to see desirable pop-ups (e.g. online shopping or financial institutions). At the same time, this one-of-its-kind pop up killer transparently blocks popups and pop-under downloads with single-click.

Downloading this unique popup killer (and all other software products that we offer) is extremely easy and 100% user-friendly. All our software products, (including the Popup Eliminator) is available in free "demo mode"(for those who have not registered as buyers for purchasing the product) that would run for seven-ten days, and the fully registered mode (for those who have made a valid registration). Besides, you can avail of our exciting "affiliate program" offer, so that you get paid 50%-75% of every sale whenever someone clicks through your site and purchase any of our software, including the Pop up killer software, "Popup Eliminator"!

Block irritating popup ads and banners by using our intelligent pop up killer!

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