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29 February 2004
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20 July 2003
PC Format Magazine features PAL's Security product line (KeyLog Pro, PC Spy and PC Tracker) as a World Exclusive (Full page!) on their July. August and September 2003 issues. Available at your favorite news stand now!

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12 July 2003
Personal Computer World Magazine features PAL Evidence Eliminator / eShredder on their July 2003 issue. "PAL Evidence Eliminator is a useful program designed to protect user's privacy, it's e-Shredding utility can completely obliterate specified files or whole folders from your hard disk making them unretrievable even using specialist tools!"

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 Stop Popups

Download Popup Eliminator to stop popups and Internet ads conveniently!

If you are among the millions frantically searching for a useful and uncomplicated Internet application to stop popups and annoying Internet advertisements from appearing on your PC screen every time you login to the net, your search definitely ends at Pal Solutions. For we have got our smart and user-friendly Popup Eliminator to stop popups with a unique popup blocking technology, tailor-made for the Internet Explorer, Mozilla or the Netscape navigator browsers. You can just download our unique popup blocking software, the Popup Eliminator (for an unbelievable offer of $19.99) and forget the tensions of a complicated popup blocking process that may be impeding the system resources. On the other hand, you get an extremely advanced tool to stop popups along with an extremely easy-to-use interface, unique privacy protection tools and quickly installable features that keep on working safely in the background without disturbing the system. All you need to install Popup Eliminator and stop popups conveniently are: Microsoft Windows™ 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system, at least 2 MB of hard disk space and 32 MB of memory. Besides, Pentium 90 MHZ or Higher is also recommended for its installation.

Download this revolutionary popup stopping software quickly to speed up your Internet surfing process. By installing the software on your PC, you will automatically get a blacklisted ad-database customized for you. And as the Popup eliminator works effectively to stop popups, it also eliminates distracting GIF images and animations that may slow down the Internet surfing speed. Besides, you get the advantages of a perfectly designed software to stop popups, unwanted cookies and ads, meant for the use of both the novice and the advanced Internet user.

In all of our products, including this effective Popup Eliminator to stop popups, we give you the option of downloading for a 7-10 days trial, and then, if you wish to purchase your product, simply click on the "purchase" button to secure the best deals for enriching your PC. We also guarantee full money-back within 30 days to our customers in case they are not content with their purchase.

Award-winning technology of Popup Eliminator to stop popups easily!

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